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Take safe, secure and total control over your finances

Tracking is Manual by Design*
* No need to connect to your online-banking (but you can import your historical data from CSV though)
HoneyMoney increases your awareness about your money habits.
Being fully aware of your money naturally changes how you spend it.
Calendar is the Best Way to View your Transactions
  • Plan your regular transactions and then only confirm them with actual amounts
  • Enter unplanned transactions with a simple click on a day
Simplify Everything
  • No need to enter transactions individually, combine related
  • Enter amount and description at the same time
  • Categories will be used for reports and charts
Planning is Cash Flow Based, not Budget Based
You just plan your future incomes and expenses in the calendar.
And HoneyMoney runs the cash flow simulation one year in the future.
Envelopes Give Your Money Meaning

You can track physical places where your money actually is (chequing/saving accounts, credit cards, investment accounts).

At the same time, know how much of your money is reserved for

  • planned expenses (Reserves),
  • unplanned expenses (HoneyMoney),
  • financial Goals and Funds.
Cash Flow Forecasts

Get a prediction of how much more money needs to be reserved for expenses or can be safely invested. The system runs a simulation based on your planned expenses and transfers to Funds and Goals.

Reports are OFF THE CHARTS
Carefully crafted to give you a lot, but not too much
Compare Periods

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Predict Future Account Balances
See Expenses by Categories
Track Your Net Worth
You might fall in love with HoneyMoney
Supercharge Your Savings

HoneyMoney is not about escaping from living "Paycheck-To-Paycheck". Although it can help with that too. HoneyMoney is the only tool specifically designed to help people save more money.

Improve your "Financial Badassity™":

  • Track your Savings Rate — the most important metric
  • Track progress towards your financial goals
  • Track and analyze your spending
Make Good Habits

Just recording a number is not difficult, requires no new skills, and takes only 20 minutes a week. Tracking all your expenses is just a really good habit, that nobody taught us when we were kids. It is as simple as brushing your teeth.

You don't need any budgets or restrictions, you're free to buy whatever you want as long as you track it!

You can also start with simple tracking, planning will come later.

Don't force it
Keep it in your pocket

You can enter transactions on the go with the mobile web-app (PWA):

  • Use 172 currencies!
  • Support an independent developer!!
  • Bees are cool no matter what!!!
HoneyMoney Works Since 2011
About HoneyMoney

Hello, my name is Ildar 👋, I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦.

I'm originally from Russia, that's why the initial version of HoneyMoney was launched in Russian back in 2011.

Now is the time to bring HoneyMoney to the English world as well.

I made HoneyMoney because I didn't like any other options on the market. I tailored it to my needs, and with time it became a small, but profitable business. I've been running it for 10 (!) years now.

I'm the very first user of HoneyMoney, but there're also hundreds of other happy users. This means a lot to me.

HoneyMoney is for personal finance geeks, savers, FIRE-achievers, people who want to control their finances.

And all the people who want to become ones.

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